Japanese Social Media Advertising Agency/Bsmo Co., Ltd. Japanese Social Media Advertising Agency/Bsmo Co., Ltd.

Japanese Social Media Advertising Agency/Bsmo Co., Ltd.

We, at Bsmo, are dedicated to help you with your social media marketing strategy through growth hacking.

We are a social media advertising agency
connecting your products and services to customers all over the world.

Business contents

  • Facebook advertising
    Facebook advertising
    We target Facebook users to acquire new customers thanks to our targeting know-how and our knowledge of markets
  • Instagram advertising
    Instagram advertising
    High-quality creatives and mobile-friendly advertisements
  • Promote your business in Japan
    Promote your business in Japan
    Our Japanese team members help you advertise your products or services in Japan
  • Consulting
    We offer solutions to help your business grow, not only on social media but on your global online strategy
  • Search advertising
    Search advertising
    Advertising on search engines (Google, Yahoo!, etc) when someone searches for keywords related to your business
  • Influencer marketing
    Influencer marketing
    From casting to advertisements delivery, we take care of connecting your brand with the influencers that match it
  • Remarketing
    Target users who already visited your website to remind them of your services or products
  • Content creation
    Content creation
    Creation of the best content for your strategy, based on advice from Facebook
  • Global online store
    Global online store
    Building of a cross-border online store linked to Facebook
  • Website data analysis
    Website data analysis
    Analytics tools reports and explanations to understand which parts to improve to get results
  • Translation
    Translation of your posts and of advertisements into several languages

Success stories

  • MAIA Inc
  • Kabutan
  • Lucky Co., Ltd.
    -Jewelry maker-
  • Nijigen no Mori
    -Theme park combining anime & nature-
  • Pasona
  • Musashino Gakuin University
  • Asakusa Farm
    -Natural food shop in Tokyo-
  • Dafu
    -supporting small to medium companies-

Feel free to contact us if you need more information on our services.

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