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Cross-border online store and advertising know-how: successful global sales of Samurai Rings


Lucky’s Samurai Rings made by skilled craftsmen

Lucky Co. Ltd, is a jewelry maker established in 1937 with a long and successful history in Japan. They have always managed to make original and high-quality jewelry all over the years, and some of their products have been featured in popular magazines in Japan.

This time, they created Samurai Rings, whose motifs were inspired by great warlords, original rings for men sold in Japan as well as outside Japan. These rings are all handmade and made-to-order by skilled craftsmen in Lucky’s factory in Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan. They are made of various materials, such as gold, silver or brass, and it is also possible to change the symbol of the Japanese clans and to engrave words in alphabet or in Japanese characters in order to create a customized ring made especially for the customer.

Oversea expansion by Bsmo & Lucky using Shopify

Our strategy is selling high-quality jewelry without thinking of frontiers, thanks to the use of Canadian e-commerce platform Shopify. With Shopify, it is possible to open easily an online store to sell products, and it includes essential marketing tools and settings to handle without any problem shipping charge, customs and everything that used to be complicated when starting a cross-border e-commerce website. As a digital advertising agency specialized in social networks, the choice of Shopify was easy to make. Shopify and social networks, especially Facebook and Instagram, can be linked. For example, products on Shopify can be browsed on Facebook Store or on Facebook Messenger. When we add or edit products in our Shopify’s inventory, the content is also automatically updated on Facebook store. You can visit the online store here.

Successful sales all over the world

We have been taking care of operating the cross-border online store of Lucky and started selling Samurai Rings on Shopify from February 2018. In order to introduce these rings and to sell them, we delivered advertisements on Facebook and Instagram, after creating photos and videos contents of the rings. As for the text of the advertisements, we used the local language of the countries we targeted. For instance, when targeting France, we used French, when targeting Italy, we used Italian, when targeting Hong-Kong, we used Cantonese. By replying comments and messages in the mother tongue of the customers, we can build customer trust and helping them getting more information on the rings, but also on the delivery or the ring-making process.

As all of the Samurai Rings are handmade, we also use Messenger to inform customers who purchased about the ring-making process, and send pictures of their rings at different steps of its production. Since the delivery situation can also be confirmed on Messenger, the risk of lost package is also reduced. Customers can then always know the situation of their order.

Since the opening of the online store, we have successfully sold Samurai Rings in more than 10 countries, such as the United States, Brazil, Italy, France, United Kingdom, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Malaysia, including high-priced rings made with 18K gold.

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