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BSMO participated in “Instagram Day Tokyo 2018”

“Instagram Day Tokyo” is an event gathering professionals of advertising agencies, like BSMO, and marketing specialists of major companies. Instagram used this opportunity to announce that, as of September 2018, the number of monthly active accounts in Japan exceeded 29 millions, with a growth accelerating the past year. The tone is set: Japan is one of Instagram’s major markets and it raises a great deal of challenges for marketers.

After a presentation of the global trends of Instagram by Jim Squires, Instagram’s global head of business & media, we got to hear about the specificity of the Japanese market. One fact was particularly interesting: in Japan, Instagram users use the hashtag search on average three times more than users from the rest of the world (photo below).

Japanese people tend to use the hashtag search when looking for places and events to go to or even to check pictures from actual users for restaurants, hotels, etc.

We got to hear about how Japanese professionals use Instagram and what challenges they are facing with this social network. There was a panel discussion with M. Masayuki Murata, CMO of Mercari, Inc., a huge online marketplace, and M. Tadasuke Shiomi, Marketing Office Executive of Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd., one of the major HR companies in Japan. Their use of Instagram posts, stories, advertisements helped them having a strong presence online and the way they are willing to keep using new tools offered by Instagram and Facebook to provide potential customers with useful and interesting content was very stimulating.

Another interesting point for marketing professionals was the advice we got from Instagram Japan’s team to improve the performance of our advertisements on Instagram. This advice comes from three different parts: data, campaigns and creative.

  • For the data, Facebook (and, therefore, Instagram) upgraded its pixel code, the code we install on our websites or our clients’ websites (or SDK when we refer to mobile applications), to get data from people visiting these websites. We can now collect more data about users, which will enable us to deliver better advertisements to them, advertisements that match their interests and needs, for instance by retargeting them depending on the actions they took on a specific website.
  • Regarding campaigns, we can now set up the budget for our advertisements from the campaign level (the first level), which was not possible before. By setting up the budget from the campaign level, Facebook’s AI will distribute the budget to our different advertisements sets, where we chose our targets, depending on their performance. The best performing targets will be allocated more budget than less-performing advertisement sets, which will lead to a better use of our budget and better performances.
  • Instagram being a social network focused on visuals, creative is indeed one of the most important points for us to improve performances. By adjusting our content depending on the place we deliver (for example, an advertisement on Facebook’s timeline, on Messenger, on Instagram’s timeline or in Instagram’s stories, is not displayed the same way and the size of the picture(s) or video differ), users will engage more easily to our advertisements and react more positively.

It was a great opportunity for us at BSMO to participate in this year’s “Instagram Day Tokyo”. In addition to the advice we received from Instagram’s team itself, we could actually “feel” Instagram. The place was indeed illuminated with the color of Instagram’s logo and various spots were set up to take pictures and, of course, post them on Instagram (#IGDAYTOKYO).