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Facebook’s playable ads will let you try games in your newsfeed

You probably have already seen advertisements for mobile games on Facebook. Among the different ways they use to promote their games, videos are very popular because it is an efficient way to introduce a gameplay. But there is the risk that users feel disconnected from the game, because watching is different from playing. This could change with this new feature introduced by Facebook: playable ads, which will enable users to try the game directly in their newsfeed.

This is certainly a nice way for users to try new games, but this is also a very interesting feature for the game makers. Indeed, it is likely that it will also improve the quality of their players. When they advertised their games on Facebook, people had to download the game to try it. This was risky, as a lot of users downloaded the game before actually knowing if they would enjoy it. If we give users the opportunity to try the game before downloading it, if they like the demo, they will be likely to play the game for a longer time than an user who did not get the chance to try it before downloading. 

You can see what these playable ads will look like in the newsfeed on the above pictures (credit: Facebook). Users will just have to tap the ad to try the game directly. In this example, users can try the game Angry Birds Blast, which was one of the first to use this new promotion feature. According to the game’s developer, early results are very encouraging and users are reacting very positively to this ad.

After augmented reality advertisements that were introduced by Facebook earlier this month, the social network keeps enriching its users’ experience, as well as pleasing companies to help them getting more return on investments. Be prepared to see these playable ads very soon in your newsfeed!