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Most popular Japanese brands on Instagram

Based on the data collected by User Local and reposted on Statista, we will introduce you the most popular Japanese brands on Instagram. This is a great opportunity to learn about their best practices on social media.

  1. Tasty Japan: 3.6 million followers

If you are familiar with social networks, you probably follow some accounts that introduce, most of the time in videos, some recipes that look tasty and easy to prepare (or at least you saw them in your feed thanks to people you follow). Buzzfeed’s Tasty Japan is the biggest in Japan, also followed by many people around the globe.

Their content is useful, pleasant to look at and easy to share. They also use Japanese as well as English in their videos, which seems to be a good strategy judging by the number of non-Japanese people interacting with the posts.

2 & 3. Nissan: 2.7 million followers & Honda: 2.6 million followers

Japanese automobile brands are quite famous worldwide and we can also see it on Instagram, as both second and third most popular Japanese brands accounts are automobile manufacturers, Nissan and Honda. Nissan‘s account is particularly interesting to follow, as their content is mainly made for Instagram, with stunning photos of their cars. Honda‘s content is more diverse, we can find pictures of their cars, but also of races or of some features of their cars. Unlike Nissan, most of their content is also used on Facebook and not exclusive to Instagram.

  1. Comme des Garçons: 1.8 million followers

As a symbol of Japanese fashion, this is not a surprise to have Comme des garçons‘ Instagram account among the most popular Japanese brands accounts. They provide a high-quality content for Instagram, playing with styles, models, colors or atmospheres, which definitely makes it an account to follow if you have an interest in fashion.

5. Pokémon: 1.7 million followers

As the Pokémon franchise is very popular in Japan as well as outside Japan, it also needs a strong presence on social media. With games, screenshots or video clips from the anime, goods or events, The Pokémon Company has a lot of content they can post – and they do it successfully by offering photos and videos that will be enjoyed by the Pokémon fans community.

Having a strategy specifically developed for Instagram is essential for every brand. You need to find contents that will resonate with your community and that will be different from your other social media accounts. You can make your Instagram account an extraordinary visual experience for your followers to stand out from your competitors! Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your social media strategy, we would be very glad to help you promoting your brand in Japan.