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Instagram stories questions sticker and how to use it for your business

Instagram stories are quite an enjoyable tool, whether it is for private accounts or business accounts. After introducing simple polls and emoji slider poll, this time, Instagram wants us to engage even more with our followers with the questions sticker that let people submit questions for you to answer. As you can see on the above picture taken from Instagram press release, it is quite simple to use. You just have to put this sticker on your story, and people will be able able to ask you any question by tapping on the sticker. You can then reply to them in other stories if you want to display your answers to your followers.

This is obviously fun to use on your private account to interact with your followers, but this also can be used for your business. This is how we look forward to using it at BSMO. You can use this new feature to provide original and interesting contents to the followers of an Instagram account.

  • Interact directly with your followers as your brand. Whether you have many followers on your brand’s Instagram account or not so many, you can build a relationship with them and turn them into customers. If people have questions about your products or services, your brand’s name, or even more original questions, this is probably going to be the place to ask them. No need to send an email, no need to send a private message that will not be read, Instagram users just have to tap on the questions sticker in the story of the brand they follow and can ask in a few seconds anything they want.
  • Host a Q&A. The idea is the same as the previous one, except that instead of replying as your brand, you can introduce your staff and start a Q&A session for a limited time. This is a smart way to make your followers feel closer to your brand by showing them actual people who work with you. Some ideas can be inviting the manufacturer of the products you are selling, your CEO, the intern who just arrived in the company, or even people from outside the company, such as repeat customers who want to share with your community their experience with your brand.

Instagram gives to every business the opportunity to engage and interact more and more with its community, by enabling users to freely type questions, and not just answering a poll or making an emoji slide. Feel free to share with us the way you are going to use this new feature on your Instagram’s brand account!