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Augmented reality ads available soon on Facebook

Source : Facebook

At BSMO, as a digital advertising agency, we always look forward to new ways of showing advertisements on social networks. This time, Facebook announced that they are currently testing augmented reality advertisements to be displayed in its News Feed.

Practically, what would it look like ?

As you can see on the picture at the top of this article, this new feature will be like the filters we use on Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram, etc, to add some effects or items to pictures of yourself of our your environment that you take. For example, you will be able to see an ad for sunglasses that will enable you to try them, thanks to the camera of your smartphone or computer and augmented reality. You can then see right away if the sunglasses suit you or not, and if yes, you will be able to buy them easily.

This is quite an exciting news for us, as at BSMO, we love trying new advertising features to help our clients reach their goals. As our clients work in different industries, we will have a lot of different ways to use augmented reality to deliver original and attractive advertisements to potential customers that we targeted.

For instance, people we target for our client’s Samurai Rings will soon be able to “try” the rings thanks to these augmented reality ads, in order to see how they look on their hand as well as to have a better perception of their size. This will also be a very useful way to show advertisements about contact lenses, make-up, clothes or even furniture. Be ready for it, your shopping experience will be upgraded in the near future!