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High Quality Japan Brand: explore authentic Japanese culture


We will introduce to you today one of our owned media on which we deliver articles related to Japanese culture: High Quality Japan Brand.

High Quality Japan Brand (HQJB) is a media that we created in 2015 on Facebook. We started posting articles about every aspect of Japanese culture, such as cuisine, tourist spots, high technology, original stores, life in Japan… and the page grew a lot to reach more than 215,000 fans as of July 2018.

BSMO’s international team chooses the topics to introduce to people interested in Japanese culture, but we also started collaborating lately with tourist spots or event associations to keep providing useful and quality contents to our page’s fans. Our goal remains the same: showing aspects of Japan that will make people want to know more and more about this country.

Posts & feedback

You can see above some examples of articles posted on HQJB’s page on June 2018. We introduced, among others, two huge Japanese festivals, Morioka Sansa Odori Festival and Akita Kanto Festival, and the magnificent Himeji Castle. No matter the contents, our goal is always the same: introducing Japanese culture to people wanting to know more about it. And our best reward is feedback from users. Whether it is arousing interest to someone who lives far from Japan and who will want to discover more this country, or getting feedback from people who already know a bit of Japan or the topic introduced. And that is why we could not be happier when we read comments from people telling us “I want to go to Japan to see this” or “I went there and I’m sharing with your community some pictures I took”, as you can see in the comments below, taken from recent HQJB posts. As we posted information about festivals and tourist spots, some users shared their experience with HQJB’s community: videos they took on the day of the event or pictures taken in front of the spots!

Follow HQJB

To follow HQJB, you can do it either on Facebook, which is where we are the most active, or also on Instagram (@highquality_japan) that we started very recently. Also, if you are in Japan and want us to talk about some places or something connected to your business, feel free to contact us!