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New colors’ release for VNTUS, the makeup-like contact lenses portrayed by brand ambassador “Koki,”

BSMO Group’s ANW Co., Ltd. (HQ: Minato, Tokyo. Representative Director: Hideaki Takahashi) released the new VNTUS colors on January 7th, 2021.

The new colors come as an addition to the existing 4 colors launched when VNTUS, whose brand ambassador is world famous Japanese idol “Koki,”, made its debut on November 4th, 2020.
Based on the brand concept of “more than lenses: makeup for your eyes,” these lenses change the color of your eyes according to the situation and makeup of the day.

| New colors features

DIA 14.2 mm / Graphic diameter 13.2 mm

Enigmatic look with a moisturized texture.
Translucent color composition, for a watercolor painting effect.
The mix of lavender and blue-gray enhance the beauty of your eyes.

DIA 14.2 mm / Graphic diameter 13.2 mm

Pink nuanced gradation with a luxurious aura.
A fashionable look created from light colors, generating fresh looking eyes, shining the same way ripples do on a water surface.

| About VNTUS

Under the brand concept “more than lenses: makeup for your eyes,” VNTUS was developed with the desire to let women feel the joy of transforming their eyes like makeup that adapts to the mood and situation of the day.
With “Koki,” as feature model, two new colors have been added to the VNTUS collection.

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