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BSMO Group: first in the contact lens industry to bring the brands portrayed by models Koki, Rika, and Meruru, in alliance with FedEx Express, delivering to Hong Kong within 2 days!

BSMO Group’s ANW Co., Ltd. (HQ: Minato, Tokyo. Representative Director: Hideaki Takahashi) has just introduced the services of FedEx, the World’s largest courier company, providing fast and reliable air freight delivery to customers.

As a result, the company is now able to bring the contact lens brands portrayed by models Koki, Rika, and Meruru – renowned in Asia and around the World – to Hong Kong in as short as 2 business days!

|The most select Japanese brands to the World via Facebook x Shopify x FedEx

Since its establishment, BSMO has been a pioneer in the social media marketing industry, with the mission to bring the best of Japan’s products and services to the World through the D2C model. We provide one-stop growth hack support for companies both within and outside of our group, with a record of reaching more than 900 million potential customers in 190 countries through Facebook advertisement. We have also developed our D2C marketing model through Shopify, the World’s No. 1 EC platform. With the introduction of FedEx Express, for the first time three global platforms are put together at the service of Japan’s color contact lens industry, catering to Hong Kong and Malaysia, with plans to expand into India, Africa, and elsewhere around the World.

This alliance aims to increase customer satisfaction and add value to the BSMO Group accordingly.

■About FedEx International Priority (IP)

For further information the FedEx International Priority (IP) service here introduced, click on the following link

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