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Opening of “Japan Contact Lens” online shop on E-Commerce site COCOHO: selling leading Japanese contact lenses brands for customers in China

BSMO Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Tadashi Shimizu; hereinafter BSMO) will serve the ever-growing cross-border EC market in China in partnership with Cargo Service Far East (Headquarters: Hong Kong, China).
ANW Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku; Representative Director: Hideaki Takahashi; hereinafter ANW), a member of Bsmo Group, will start selling contact lenses on the EC platform “COCOHO” developed by Cargo Service Group’s Everybite (Headquarters: Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture), as a pioneer of cross-border D2C in China.

| Background
Fostered by the growth in the purchase of Japanese contact lenses by Chinese visitors to Japan, and in the context of the expansion of cross-border EC sales and the growth of trade agencies, the chinese e-commerce law that came into effect in 2019 has made tariff mandatory for deliveries using EMS services, which is the main delivery service used by trade agencies and EC sellers, making it difficult to serve the chinese market through this modality.

| Japanese contact lenses can be purchased seamlessly with advance custom clearance and preferential tariff rates
In July 2019, BSMO signed a contract to provide the “PosToku” service, offered by Cargo Service, consisting of logistics and freight transportation to more than 80 countries.

By partnering with the global delivery service “PosToku”, advance customs clearance will be possible, cutting on delivery delays at custom clearance processes. In addition, an online shop has been established on the EC mall “COCOHO” (developed by Everybite), which is approved under the China EC, as well as implementing the “WeChat Mini Program” which is an in-house sales app by WeChat, the largest SNS tool in China. The above makes it possible to sell with preferential tariffs, reducing the burden on customers.

In order to provide a better customer experience, we plan to gradually expand BSMO Group’s D2C businesses in China, starting with the sales of contact lenses, responding to the ever-changing needs of our customers.

| About COCOHO Mall
Japan’s first cross-border EC platform for MtoC (Maker to Customers) in the Chinese market, developed by Everybite. Since “only manufacturers” can open stores without a trading agency , the platform itself has a high brand image and can be used as an official EC site in China.
Linked with “PosToku” and integrated with logistics, this cross-border EC platform provides comprehensive services from ordering to inventory management, delivering to customers all over China.
This allows us to dispatch shipments from the Hong Kong warehouse, in addition to the warehouse in Japan, reducing individual shipping rates and delivery days, providing a better service to our customers.

| “Japan Contact Lens” commercial brand
The “Japan Contact Lens” online shop has started at COCOHO Mall, selling our own brands envie, GIVRE, and OvE, as well as Angelcolor as a start, later to add top class Japanese brands such as CRUUM, EYE GENIC, Ever Color, feliamo, FLANMY, LALISH, LILMOON, loveil, Minette, N’s COLLECTION. and Vieum, among others. We will carry out services and campaigns with top-notch user experience, aiming for sales of about JPY600 million in the year 2020.

| About PosToku
PosToku, provided by Cargo Service, allows to reduce shipping delivery time, both from Hong Kong and Japan’s warehouses, by offering pre-clearance so that such procedures are not necessary after arrival in China, arriving faster to the final customers. We are also collaborating with other delivery companies in China to further reduce shipping costs.
While customs clearance is a concern for EC sites using EMS delivery services, ANW can reliably deliver products to customers with the PosToku service ahead of competitors.

| OtoO customer attraction with mobile pop-up stores
Additionally, we are opening mobile pop-up stores in major cities in China with the aim to promote online and offlines bidirectional purchasing behavior through OtoO’s multi-channel.

◆Company Profile
Company Name: BSMO Co., Ltd.
Representative: Tadashi Shimizu, CEO.
Address: Toranomon Hills Business Tower 14F, 1-17-1 Toranomon, Minato, Tokyo.

Company name: ANW Co., Ltd.​
Representative: Hideki Takahashi, CEO.
Address: Toranomon Hills Business Tower 14F, 1-17-1 Toranomon, Minato, Tokyo

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