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“OvE”, contact lens brand whose social media marketing is operated by BSMO, received the Good Design Award

BSMO Co., Ltd., is a digital marketing agency specialized in targeted advertisement through SNS, in charge of managing the social media marketing operations for clients and companies of the business group.
This time, OvE “Catchlight” lens brand, owned by our group member ANW Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Munehisa Tsubota. Hereinafter “ANW”) has won the Good Design Award 2019.
This is the first time in the industry that a colored contact lens brand has been nominated and awarded the most prestigious design award in Japan.

-OvE “Catchlight Lens”

| Jointly developed with hair and makeup artist Akemi Nakano during two and a half years, producing a design that fits in the eye in the most natural way.

Produced by Japanese celebrity hair and makeup artist Akemi Nakano, the concept of “Catchlight Lens ®” was conceived aiming to replicate the effect of light reflectors on a model’s eyes during photoshoots. With a unique dotted pigmentation and an asymmetrical design that blends perfectly with the iris, a light enhancing effect is created on the eye replicating the impact of reflectors.
In order to eliminate any artificially-looking impression, several random experiments were performed with dot arrangements, non-uniform size, color adjustment, etc.The total number of lens designs created during the development period of two and a half years exceeded 80 designs. As a result of trial and error, we succeeded in producing beautifully shining eyes from the inside, which naturally draw out the beauty of the human eyes from their core.

| ANW’s original “3D collect dot” technology

Through “3D collect dot”, OvE lenses maintain the original beauty of the eye using tiny dots. The design fits the eye in a natural way, maintaining a three-dimensional effect on it.

| Jury Evaluatio

(Source: Good Design Award 2019, official webpage)

In these days when contact lenses have become not just instruments for vision correction, but a tool for self-expression, OvE is a product with a very interesting approach which creates a natural glow by enhancing light in the eye. The colors and layered dot patterns are configured to create non-uniformity, eliminating the artificial impression found in colored and circle contact lenses, while retaining a personality of its own, allowing those who wear them to have clear and transparent eyes. OvE’s design was highly evaluated by the jury as a tool that expands the world of the users’ self-expression while maintaining simplicity.

“It concentrates the light on your eye”
“Even adults can use it in a cool manner”
“Your eyes shine with naturality”

Those are some of the many positive customer reviews, which make us proud at BSMO.
We continue our efforts to make OvE “Catchlight Lens” loved by more and more people.

OvE Official Brand Page:
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