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We were invited to “Shopify Unite 2018 in Japan”

Shopify Unite is a huge conference gathering Shopify partners and engineers from all over the world. In the last edition of Shopify Unite held in Canada, more than 1,000 people from 40 countries participated, and Justin Trudeau, Canadian Prime Minister, also appeared as a special guest.

On June 27th, 2018, we were invited by Shopify Japan to attend the first Shopify Unite event in Japan! During this event, among other speakers, we had the chance to listen to Ian Burnry, Ambassador of Canada to Japan, Yasuaki Tokumitsu, Paypal’s Channel Manager and Takuya Inogawa, Amazon Pay’s Head of Japan.

In addition, we had the opportunity to meet people from other Shopify partners, such as application developers or advertising agencies in a friendly atmosphere.

The most exciting part of Shopify Unite in Japan was probably the announcements about new functions that will be soon available on Shopify, including news about Shopify Payments. Indeed, for one of our clients, we use Shopify to sell Samurai Ring (read more : “Cross-border online store and advertising know-how: successful global sales of Samurai Rings“). As we sell these unique rings made in Japan globally, we had to decide which payment method we should accept for each country. It takes a lot of time to understand each country’s payment specificity, but it is mandatory to increase the purchase rate of the products or to be able to refund some customers. However, by using the new function of Shopify Payments that was announced during this event, we will be able to sell worldwide without any problem, by automatically displaying the most common payment methods used in the customer’s country with the new “local payment method” function.

This new feature, along with many others, will allow us to sell globally our customers’ products more easily on Shopify and we really look forward to using them and discovering new features.

What we learned after participating to this event, is that Shopify is a platform that works hand in hand with its partners, whether they are large companies or individuals, and that the network of Shopify partners will help Shopify to penetrate the Japanese market efficiently.

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