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Shopify×Bsmo: Bsmo’s presentation @Shopify Meetup in Yokohama

On July 27th 2018, a Shopify meetup was held in Yokohama, Japan!

Our agency, Bsmo, made a presentation in this seminar, to talk about our experience of operating a cross-border online store. The topic was the “successful sales of Samurai Rings all over the world”, a topic we mentioned in another article that you can read over here.

Bsmo's presentation in Shopify Meetup in Yokohama.
The presentation was in Japanese and we do not have subtitles available yet, but if you need information about the contents of our presentation, please feel free to contact us!

During our presentation, participants were able to take pictures and they had many questions for us. We saw that this topic raises a high interest in Japan. Indeed, as Shopify started recently in Japan, people are very curious to see how a Japanese company can sell products worldwide using this platform. We were more than happy to share our experience of operating a cross-border online store and our expertise in social network advertising.

After the presentations, we also got the chance to talk with other Shopify partners as well as people owning an online store built with Shopify. This was a great opportunity to have a bigger picture of the use of Shopify in Japan and what people want to achieve thanks to this platform. As Shopify Japan also published an article (in Japanese here) on their official blog, we also met people who read this article and got an interest in Bsmo and our work with samurai rings sales.

Please follow our website and our Facebook page (Bsmo Global for the English version, Bsmo Group for the Japanese one) so you won’t miss any future seminar or event we will participate in! And as always, feel free to contact us for inquiries or questions, we are always very glad to help and exchange with businesses from all over the world.

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