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BSMO assumes the challenge to reduce food waste and advancing SDGs: for the first time in Shikoku, a project that supports producers by fostering consumer activities that contribute to society.

BSMO Co., Ltd. (CEO: Tadashi Shimizu.HQ: Minato, Tokyo) is actively promoting activities aimed at reducing food waste and redressing agricultural production loss, in the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

|Project Background

There is a growing need to reduce produce loss and food waste which arise from products intended for consumption that cannot reach consumers before expiry.

The national self-sufficiency rate is declining year after year, while reliance on exports increases. The decrease in consumption of domestic production is a factor affecting the overall stability of income for local producers. 

Furthermore, the acceleration of aging in the agricultural sector in addition to the decline in the producers’ population due to the instability of income brings about the abandonment of cultivable land. There is a concern that a time will come in the near future in which domestic agricultural production will not be available.

During these times of COVID-19 pandemic, BSMO aims to support domestic producers by prioritizing the purchase of produce which could not be distributed on the market and/or which could not be harvested, contributing to both  the elimination of production loss and the stabilization of profit for producers.  

By using the freshness maintenance devices provided by DENBA JAPAN (CEO: Nishikitaka Goto. HQ: Chiyoda, Tokyo. Hereinafter “DENBA JAPAN”), the freshness of agricultural products can be maintained and an appropriate temperature control can be achieved. We are working to implement a mechanism to process products and deliver them to consumers at the right time.

|Details of the initiative

These activities, developed through their introduction by Okubo Farm – BSMO’s agricultural partner in Uwajima City, Ehime Prefecture – consist of the installation of DENBA JAPAN’s freshness maintenance devices in the commercial refrigerators of Hoshizaki Shikoku Co., Ltd. (CEO: Hiroshi Aoki. HQ: Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture. Hereinafter “Hoshizaki Shikoku”)  for the purpose of maintaining the freshness of vegetables and fruits. The first test production project will consist of a batch of 100 bottles of 100% naturally squeezed mandarin juice, made with ripe mandarine oranges stored for 3 weeks right after harvest, being closely monitored to verify that the freshness of the fruit is maintained. 

This project aligns with several of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), in particular with Goal 1 “End poverty in all its forms everywhere”, Goal 8 “Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth”, and Goal 12 “Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns”. We believe that, through this initiative, mandarine juice consumers will be contributing to society.


BSMO will continue to support producers in other regions and to actively promote efforts to reduce produce loss and foster sustainability. 

We are gladly taking inquiries from parties interested in this initiative. We are looking for:

  • Interested producers from all over the country (producers of apples, grapes, peaches, pears, tomatoes, carrots, vegetables, etc.)
  • Organizations, companies, and individuals who can cooperate with our efforts.

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