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BSMO and SBI Africa to open “SBI Motor Japan : Nairobi Center” a local dealership for one of the largest auto exporters, SBI Motor Japan.

BSMO and SBI Africa to open “SBI Motor Japan : Nairobi Center” a local dealership for one of the largest auto exporters, SBI Motor Japan.

NAIROBI, KENYA – 26th October 2021. BSMO Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce that it has established SBI Motor Japan : Nairobi Center, an official automobile dealership in Nairobi, and has made inroads into the local market intending to make further progress in the used car export and sales business in African countries.

Located off Ngong Road, this flagship store has an area of approximately 5,000 square meters and has a maximum of 250 vehicles on display. In addition to the sale of automobiles imported from Japan, the store will also provide after-sales maintenance services such as oil changes, parts installation, and car washing services.

SBI Africa, which is engaged in the used car export business mainly to emerging countries, and BSMO, which boasts a high level of expertise in community marketing, have been working together to export and sell used cars to Kenya through cross-border EC. Currently, the number of vehicles sold has already surpassed 300 units per month.

With the opening of the SBI Motor Japan : Nairobi Center car dealership, SBI Africa & BSMO aim to grow this to 10,000 units on a monthly basis.

By addressing the recent growth in demand for mobility services in Africa, SBI Africa will not only further revitalize these services but also develop business in areas such as finance and maintaining local inventory, thus establishing and expanding a large automobile service ecosystem.

BSMO is expanding its marketing domain from D2C marketing to community trend formation. As Japan’s first PR firm to enter the African market, BSMO will strengthen community marketing specific to the greater African market, with a view of promoting businesses in the microfinance space.



About SBI Africa:

SBI Africa sells high quality, reasonably priced used cars in 13 territories, including East Africa, Oceania & the Caribbean. In addition to the used car export business, SBI Africa contributes to the economic development of African countries by providing financial services such as automobile finance, international remittance and settlement, microfinance, and venture capital investment in cooperation with local financial institutions and partners in Africa, thereby improving access to capital and enhancing economic prospects on the continent.

About BSMO:

Since its establishment, BSMO has driven sales in more than 20 countries through its D2C business. Currently, BSMO is expanding to the global market, through a fusion of offline/online approaches, and further strengthening its competitiveness by tapping into emerging technology such as AI.


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