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Become a truly Global D2C company

Synergy between two business axes: Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) and Business Support

Based on our experience and know-how earned through the development of our very own D2C ventures, we aim to replicate our success through solutions for other companies and industries.

Our multilingual staff handles all the essentials for global business development, from the creation of E-Commerce (EC) sites to managing Social Media advertising and international service support.


D2C Business

Everything, from the creation of contents to marketing and branding, is done in-house following a continuous PDCA (Plan/Do/Check/Act) cycle. Our business model has proved to be successful in just one and a half years from launching our OvE Contact Lens brand. This brand received Japan’s prestigious Good Design Award in 2019, the first time ever for a contact lens brand, becoming a trending topic in Social Media.


ANW is a contact lens maker revolutionizing the industry in Japan and Asia. Creator of recognized brands, such as the first full-scale D2C contact lens brand “OvE”, and “envie” – the color contacts produced by Japanese model and talent Rika.

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BSMO Africa Business

Since 2008, we have been selling and exporting quality, affordable Made in Japan products worldwide. In 2021, we had partnered with SBI Motor Japan and shipped more than 1000 units per year, mainly to Kenya, Zambia, Uganda, and Tanzania.

BSMO Kenya Ltd

BSMO Kenya Ltd opened its first branch office at Racecourse off Ngong rd., Nairobi, Kenya, in 2021 to facilitate the massive demand for our products from the East and Southern Africa region.

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