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To the world with blockchain


By combining the know-how unique to each group company, we will connect with the world through BSMO unique services.

Our expert and multilingual staff handles all the essential elements of global business development, including blockchain planning and development, AI planning and development, wallet marketing, and social media targeting.



Everything, from the creation of contents to marketing and branding, is done in-house following a continuous PDCA (Plan/Do/Check/Act) cycle. Our business model has proved to be successful in just one and a half years from launching our OvE Contact Lens brand. This brand received Japan’s prestigious Good Design Award in 2019, the first time ever for a contact lens brand, becoming a trending topic in Social Media.


ANW is a contact lens maker revolutionizing the industry in Japan and Asia. Creator of recognized brands, such as the first full-scale D2C contact lens brand “OvE”, and “envie” – the color contacts produced by Japanese model and talent Rika.

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