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Who We Are

Challenge the world from Japan
Bringing more brilliance to the world through the fusion of real and digital

Since our founding, we have been making full use of SNS marketing and digital advertising.
From Asia to Africa, we handle everything from contact lenses to automobiles in more than 20 countries globally.

The conviction I gained through this experience is that we can leverage digital to deliver real value to people around the world.

We bring “joy” to people all over the world by providing various solutions.
To achieve this goal, we are always at the forefront of the times and grow with you.

BSMO’s Vision

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The Wonders of Japan and its businesses
Accessible to the World

CEOTadashi Shimizu

I started the predecessor business to BSMO in the year 2000, when I was 26 years old. That time was the dawn of the internet, and since then the digitalization of the World has only continued to evolve. Our company has been growing all along!

From our origins in Japan, BSMO has also expanded into South Korea, China, Hong Kong, and Singapore, striving to cover Asia’s most dynamic markets and technology leaders. Always adapting to the times, without fear to change!

Knowing that “only the fittest survive” we have strived to adopt the trends and technologies to seize market opportunities and keep ahead of the game.

In this way, we arrived at the current BSMO business model.
We provide a package unique to BSMO called “BSMO Ecosystem” that makes full use of blockchain, AI, and social media.
Currently, Web3 (Web3.0) is advancing on a global scale, and 5G communication will spread at once in terms of infrastructure in the future.
While actively accepting the changes of this era, I would like to share it with all the people involved in the wonders of Japan and the world of Japanese companies.

Please feel free to ask me.