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Who We Are

We empower Japanese businesses

Since our establishment, we have supported our clients’ overseas expansion by replicating our successful D2C marketing experience, leading them to become “World-class competitors”. We help Japanese companies regain their confidence to thrive in the fast-paced World of internet and social media, becoming effective global players.

Japanese companies, once recognized worldwide for their technological prowess, innovation and the constant improvement of business operations, are increasingly facing challenges at home and abroad. Although Japan’s commitment to manufacturing and service quality remains unchanged, declining birth rates and ageing population have limited domestic expansion, while competition from foreign companies has intensified.

We provide a gateway to global markets through D2C and Social Media marketing, providing enhanced business perspective and larger customer base. We potentiate Japanese companies’ strengths by expanding their reach globally and allowing them to continue growing, overcoming the challenges of the present era.

BSMO’s Vision

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The name “BSMO” stands for “Be Strong, Move faster”, evoking the power of social media and smartphone-based technology to convey messages quickly and effectively.

The Wonders of Japan and its businesses
Accessible to the World

CEOTadashi Shimizu

I started the predecessor business to BSMO in the year 2000, when I was 26 years old. That time was the dawn of the internet, and since then the digitalization of the World has only continued to evolve. Our company has been growing all along!

From our origins in Japan, BSMO has also expanded into South Korea, China, Hong Kong, and Singapore, striving to cover Asia’s most dynamic markets and technology leaders. Always adapting to the times, without fear to change!

Knowing that “only the fittest survive” we have strived to adopt the trends and technologies to seize market opportunities and keep ahead of the game.

As of today, BSMO has developed and consolidated a business model that makes full use of D2C and Social Media marketing. As digital transformation continues on a global scale and infrastructure continues to expand with the development of 5G, new challenges and opportunities keep arising. We continue to adapt and use the latest tools to make the wonders of Japan and Japanese businesses accessible to the World.

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